Feng Shui heights of beds

25/12/2008 14:55
Hopefully, you spend a good eight hours in bed per night, so in feng shui, heights of beds are very important. Learn how to make the most of your resting time by making sure your bed follows the feng shui principles.

While you sleep, just like during all of your waking hours, energy needs to be able to flow all around you. It needs to flow above and below you as you lie in your bed at night. A good feng shui bed has a clear passage below the bed and a strong headboard seven to nine inches away from a solid wall - never a window.

The wrong feng shui heights of beds could block the flow of the chi (if too low) or leave you too vulnerable to all types of energy (if too high). To create balance in your life, you'll need to opt for a middle ground when it comes to the height of your bed. Err on the lower side, since that will give you more Earth energy and a grounded feeling. Just make sure there is clean, uncluttered space below the bed.

Ideally, the bottom of your bed should be around forty-five centimeters from the floor. Similarly, you should avoid exceptionally high beds simply because they won't give you a feeling of being "grounded." Earth energy is important, and you won't feel its effects if you’re almost floating in midair; you may also feel more vulnerable in this position. The key is to go for a happy medium without blocking the path below the bed.

Remember, the reason behind having a bed that has a substantial amount of space underneath is not so you can store your winter clothes, shove your shoes underneath in mounds, or keep your collection of potential holiday re-gifts out of visitors' sight. The area under your bed should be mostly clear in order to allow the air to flow freely. One exception is when your bedroom is above your garage; a piece of red cloth under the bed is beneficial there, and definitely not random clutter.

Just as you shouldn't haphazardly toss last season's clothes and last night's heels under the bed in a big clutter, you should skip the beds with built-in storage space. Keeping clutter out of your bedroom and leaving everything in its place serves its purpose when it comes to feng shui. However, you should not use that principle as a reason to purchase a bed with drawers built into the bottom. Put simply, storing anything under your bed - even in drawers - will stifle the flow of chi in the room.

Instead, look into giving things away that don't fit, aren't "you" anymore, or those things that you just haven't worn in a year or two. Charities always need new clothing, and your room may be able to use a little less clutter. When you have significantly less in your bedroom and closet, begin to organize your things, safely tucking away unused items in closets and other appropriate rooms. Always make sure your living space is tidy so that the chi can flow freely.

One may think that bunk beds are a good idea when it comes to feng shui because it seems that the airflow would be unobstructed. However, the person on the bottom bunk could find him or herself sick quite often due to stale chi. The person on the top bunk could feel insecure as an effect of the "floating in midair" feeling mentioned previously.

If you have no choice other than to use bunk beds, there's a way around the stale chi portion, though the person on the top bunk may still be left feeling insecure so far from the ground. To break up stale chi, you can hang a wind chime with six metal rods in the room. Since the wind will not always flow freely through the room, you will have to go in and make it chime every so often.

The key to having a bed of the right height lies in finding a bed that isn't unusually high, but one that has enough free space underneath to allow the chi to flow all around the bed. If possible, skip beds with storage built in underneath and bunk beds.

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